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Twin Love <3

When the world fell apart,

and no one would look me

in the eye, you took my

hand in yours and told me,

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here

to heal your broken heart.”


Normative Syllabic Verse


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This too!

Dad Man Comes Walkin’


Skin’s saggin’, he drags his feet–

Dead Man comes walkin’ down.

He’s a cool cat, minus a cool beat–

Dead Man comes fallin’ down.


Drunk in a gutter, at bottle’s teat–

Dead Man goes staggerin’ down.

Got no home, lives in the streets–

Dead Man livin’ in a dead town.


Life’s a mess, nothin’ to eat–

he’s lost and never found.

Rain’s fallin’ down, now sleet–

tonight’s the night he may drown.


Life’s a bitch on that street

where Dead Man goes walkin’ down.

Full of cool cast minus cool beats,

where Dead Man goes fallin’ down.



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Hey, look what I found!

First Steps

(totally reads better in it’s concrete, step-shaped form, but that’s seriously too much work)


We worm,

we crawl,

we stumble,

we walk, and

then we stumble

some more. And more. And more


And she

was there,

guiding us,

urging us

to get back up

whenever we fell down.


Soft hands

that held

us, smiling

and laughing

with us, because

we were proud we could walk.


August 2009

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