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Conversation with the Cat

“I hate this,” she whispers. She purrs, but it’s because she’s stressed.


The giant lump on her back summarizes our morning together. 11 am force-feeding, followed by her injection of fluids under the skin on her back. Somewhere in there, I abandoned my sweatshirt after she spit her breakfast all over it, so I’m sitting here topless while she rests on my lap for warmth.


“Me, too, Seph,” I reply and kiss her nose. It smells like the emergency pet food, and so does she. I probably do, too. “But I love you, and we’re gonna keep at this until you’re eating on your own again. Think you can do that anytime soon?”




I sigh. She sighs. We both sigh.


She’s gained back some weight, and her coat is looking a little better. She gets frisky after her daily fluids, though she doesn’t make the connection in her little feline brain that that’s what’s helping her so much. Her skin around her eyes and ears is still frighteningly yellow, and despite everything, she still looks close to death to me.


“Seph, I love you,” I say again.


She looks at me with glassy eyes before she buries her face in my chest. I’d be cold right now if it weren’t for her, and she’d be shivering if it weren’t for me. “I know,” she mumbles into my skin, “I love you, too, Girl.”

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  1. Cherub
    November 26, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Well this is wondrously sweet; I’m still concerned for your cat’s health, though.

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