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Feline Anorexia


For me, it was always about control—

I guess it’s that way for you, too.


When the vet said those words,

pain shot through my chest. I’d

never wish such a thing even

on my worst enemies,

and here you are, suffering

now the way I used to.


Your bones stick out like

never before—you’ve always

been a big girl. Your fur, once

beautiful, is ragged…the way

my hair used to get. Your eyes

are glassy, and you sigh heavily.


If I was able to get better,

you can too. If your doctor

had said it was cancer or

feline AIDS, I wouldn’t have

understood. But this is

something I know all too well.


When you were a kitten,

I knew there was a reason

I was so drawn to you, but

never would I have guessed

we’d be dealing with this.

I love you so much.


All your instincts tell you

this is wrong. Innate forces

tell you to eat. It is against

all evolution has done for you

to refuse food. I, too, had

to learn this the hard way.


Those two words made me

weep for you all the more.

Those two words ripped

my fragile heart in two.

You are beautiful, my love,

and come what may,

I will help you pull through.


Karin Dickinson

Open Form




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