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“Where’s the kitty?” Dup asks. She nuzzles against my thigh and gazes at me expectantly.


“Well, Dup, she’s at the vet. They’ve hospitalized her,” I reply and scratch her behind her ears the way she likes. “She’s very sick.”


Dup lets out a great sigh and collapses onto my lap. This used to work out pretty well when she was a puppy, but at three years old and 50+ pounds, it’s pretty awkward. “Why is she sick, Girl? I miss her, and I don’t want her to be sick. Why does she have to be sick, Girl? What’s wrong?”


I pull her in closer and kiss her nose. She seems to realize I need her in my arms right now, and she lets herself be fully held by me. “It’s her liver,” I tell her. “You know how she hasn’t been eating lately?”




“Well, when we don’t get enough food, we rely on the fat stored in our bodies to keep us alive. So since Hef hasn’t been eating much, that’s what her body’s been doing. But the thing is, kitty livers don’t process fat well–”


“And she’s really fat.”


“Yes, Dup, she’s really fat. This is true. ANYway, all that fat she’s been living off of while she hasn’t been eating has really hurt her liver. It’s caused something called, ‘fatty liver disease.’ It’s definitely treatable if that’s all that’s wrong with her, but if it doesn’t get taken care of, it could kill her.”


Dup lets out a high-pitched whine. “But, but…. I LOVE THE KITTY!” She buries her head in my chest and begins to cry, which, in turn, makes me cry.


“I love Hef, too, Dup, and I’m not going to let her die without a fight. But right now she needs us to be brave and pray for her. She’s a tough girl, and I know she’ll pull through, but she could still use our prayers. Would you pray for her, Dup?”


Duppy nods against my chest, but she keeps her face buried in my sweater.


“I just love the kitty so much, Girl.”


“I know, Dup. Me too.”

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  1. Lauren Scheier
    November 21, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    This left me in tears. I’m glad that the vets were able to figure out the underlying cause and are able to fix it. I’m praying that’s all it is and that she gets to come home soon and be her old reclusive self again.

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