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The thing

that scares me the most about this hip/leg business, is what if the day finally comes when I fall down and can’t get back up again? What if I wake up one morning and simply can’t walk anymore, so instead I fall down and find myself stuck on the floor until help arrives?


I’ve been threatened with a wheelchair in the past, and it’s come up in conversation a few times since then. I think such a thing would destroy me.


I wanna dance, and I wanna run, but I’m so afraid of falling.

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  1. October 29, 2011 at 10:17 am

    The wonderful thing about falling (from a person who has fallen many times) is that you discover how many people immediately come to your aid to help you back up. And sometimes it surprises you who jumps in.

    You are a healthy young woman. You may need surgery to correct this hip problem, but you will still walk, dance and run eventually. Being in a wheelchair will teach you about that experience and give you deep wisdom others do not have.

    No matter what, you have many people who have your back and even if you’re on the floor, after we get done laughing at you (unless you’re really in pain – then we’ll laugh afterwards), we will get you up, dust you off and set you on your way again. Dad and I picked you up many times as a kid, and will continue to do so. So will your brothers, friends, and family.

    Take a deep breath. This is part of the roller coaster ride of life. You are loved by many people – remember that. Where there’s love there can be no fear…

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