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Garage Sales and Important Realizations

“If I’ve lived without it for five years, I sure as hell don’t need it now.”


That was my response to most of the stuff we sorted through in preparation for today’s gigantic garage sale. I didn’t really wanna be there, I was tired and in pain (stupid hip as usual), and as such, I was cranky.


I did keep a few things, though. The following is a list of some of the crapola I kept and why:


1. “Chicken Soup for the Teen’s Soul.” There’s a story in there called, “Tigress.” It’s about a boy who brings his cat into the vet because she’s been acting sickly, and the vet discovers that she’s basically suffering/dying. The boy is only 13 or 14, and after a brief phone call with his parents, he decides to have the cat put to sleep. It is, by far, one of the most heartbreaking stories ever written, and it’s literally only a few paragraphs long.


2. The “ODAT” for Alanon. I find it kind of preachy most of the time, but occasionally there’s something good in there that really strikes a chord.

3. Any “Calvin and Hobbes” book that I missed while originally packing for my move earlier this month. For heaven’s sake, it’s a comic about a 6 year old boy and his stuffed tiger! How can you possibly go wrong with that?


4. Etc. I threw a lot of stuff into those boxes today, and I’m really not gonna go through all of it here.


And now onto realizations:



1. When I was finally forced to get off my lazy butt and jump from the nest earlier this month, a big part of me saw it as stepping into a new life. While I have many fond memories from my childhood and young adulthood, there’s no way in hell I’d want to re-live any of them. Not even the good ones. I’m so totally done with anything before 24 1/2 years old, and that pretty much includes the bulk of the material possessions that go along with it all.



2. Looking at the copy of the ODAT today reminded me that people don’t just get addicted to substances. It’s not just alcohol, it’s not just cigarettes or meth or cocaine or whatever. People can become addicted to people, too. And while we often refer to this as “co-dependency,” all it boils down to in the end is addiction. Well, at least in sort of a nutshell…. Where was I going with this?


3. Oh, yeah. I realized today that I was addicted to (or, if you will, co-depen


dent with) the last bf. And while I still have his phone number memorized and stuff, I’ve since (finally) deleted all his information from my phone and email address book…like last week. And though it doesn’t help that I have a photographic memory and can see his contact info as photos in my brain, I’m working on making those pictures blurry. Photo-memories are like muscles: you either use them or lose them. I’m planning on losing these particular ones by simply ignoring them. Trust me, this is gonna work.


4. Shaddup, evil Cherub. This is totally gonna work.


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  1. Wes
    October 22, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Garage sales always make me super nostalgic for a time I know I can’t have anymore. It’s kinda sad

  2. October 22, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    Eh, hell with it all. I doesn’t serve me anymore, so I really don’t need it. Material girl in a jewelry store = not so materialistic. Ironic, no?

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