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Things that confuse me:

1. Why do they have to put uneven numbers of the different colors of M&M’s in the same bag? These things get eaten two-by-two or not at all, and so much the better if you devour them one color at a time. True, they all come out looking the same in the end, but I feel that in this case, it’s the process that counts.


2. Why do people have to take politics so damn seriously? I’m one of two liberals on what is otherwise a staff full of highly conservative republicans. Bearing in mind that all these women in some way or another qualify as some kind of minority (single mothers, immigrants, or just plain WOMEN), it doesn’t make sense that they’d be conservatives. And they’re so damn serious about elections and votes and shit like that, and everything they support tends to end up pushing them even lower on the social scale.


But immigrant women aside, why doesn’t everyone else have to take this shit so seriously? I was making fun of a photo someone had posted on their Facebook page yesterday, because, frankly, they’re an easy target and I find this person hilarious when they’re mad, and they took it to extremes. My intelligence was brought into question multiple times, I was more or less accused of being against the freedom of speech and peaceful protest, and I was, in the end, dismissed as just another ignorant member of the masses. Unfortunately for this person, I was laughing the entire time, they were taking me way too seriously (and, bearing in mind that the whole thing was a tongue-in-cheek joke), and now we’re not talking.


3. Which is another thing that confuses me. Communication is a key aspect of healthy relationships with others, so why is it we can’t talk things out when we’re upset?


4. Why can’t people learn to take care of themselves BEFORE they try to save the world? Ever met someone with a hero complex? It’s freaking annoying. There they are, NEEDING to save the day every damn day, and they’re one of the most unhappy people you’ll ever meet. Why? Because all too often they put the needs of the dysfunctional masses before their own, and all it does is mess things up even more. So not only is the “hero” exhausted from his/her efforts, they’re also constantly disappointed because, really now, there’s no saving the world. One person can have an impact, to be sure, but they’re not gonna set all of humanity straight.


5. Why do man-nurses always have to have hero complexes? They tend to have fabulous credit, steady jobs, and a pretty big income, and yet they’re ALWAYS unhappy, because, again, they’re always trying to save the stupid world.


6. Why are most military men and women I know complete sluts? What’s up with that?


7. Why do customers get mad at me over jewelry prices? I’m not the one who prices this stuff, it’s not my fault gold and platinum prices are so freaking high these days, and I really have no power to change any of it. And yet they still get mad at ME. Being the bearer of bad news is not so much fun.


8. Why is it, even after this bitch from the county has looked at my credit and financial history, she still feels the need to speak to me like I’m a deadbeat? For those who don’t already know, I’m dealing with this horrible woman who keeps threatening my credit score with a law suit. This is all the net result of being rear-ended last December and the other person’s insurance company STILL not taking care of the ER bill. I had to talk to this awful woman again today, and she is seriously the most foul human being in all of San Mateo County. I’ll bet I make more than her per hour, and that’s why she’s always such a bitch to me when we speak.


9. People with really thick skulls. Why are they so thick? Is it left-over monkey genetics that does this to them? Did they hit their heads a lot as small children, and did their bodies simply thicken their domes as a protective response to the trauma? It’s unfortunate, really.


10. Bigots and racists. I’ll use my coworkers as an example again, because most of them qualify as both of these things. Three of us were born in the US, two came from Poland, one from China, and one from Mexico. Of all seven of us, only two (myself included) have no problem with homosexuality, transgender people, or race. All the rest of them freak the fuck out when black men come into the store, they call all Indian customers “Ba-dah” behind their backs–a term they made up to describe Indian people who come in and buy expensive items and then return them two days later–they (and this includes the Mexican woman) don’t trust anyone who looks even remotely like they might have come from Mexico or Central America, and if they do have to work with any of these people, their body language gives their distaste away every damn time. Does anybody else see how wrong this picture is? It’s truly disgusting.


Bear and I are basically a minority in our new living arrangement. I’m a single woman, and we’re both white. It’s a double-qualifier for me, and yet I don’t care that all of my neighbors didn’t originate from northern Europe like my family did. I don’t care if they go to church, of if they do, what church they go to. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not any of my neighbors are sexually attracted to the same or opposite sex. I don’t care if the guy down the way likes to wear ladies’ clothes, nor do I care if the woman at the opposite end of the complex dresses and acts like a man. So, with all this in mind, why the hell does it matter to my coworkers so much?


“You’re moving to the East Bay? You’re going to get raped by a mob of black men! What about all the Mexicans? They’ll rape you too! Don’t go anywhere alone, or you’ll get RAPED!”


What. The. Fuck.


Yeah, I’m totally convinced that the cute little kids who play outside my window in the evenings are all gonna grow up to be rapists because they aren’t white. Clearly they’re all thugs, even at the tender ages of 4-8, and there’s no chance that they’ll do great things with their lives.


Again…. What. The. Fuck.


And I have a serious problem with people continuously asserting that I’m doomed to sexual assualt. STOP MANIFESTING SHIT LIKE THAT, PEOPLE! For crying out loud, I live in a gated community! Shit!


And in any case, I fight dirty. I’ll headbutt the shit outta you if you aren’t careful, and I’m not above ripping off an attacker’s ear with my teeth. I will crap my pants to escape that kind of assualt–that’s how committed I am to not having it happen. But in any case, no, neither the little kids who play outside nor their older siblings and family members are going to rape me for being a white woman in a primarily non-white community. Sheesh!


And, look! This has turned into another rant. Yay!


…seriously, though. Fuck racism. That shit’s messed up. And the next time I hear someone utter the word, “Ba-dah” at work, I’m gonna report them to fucking human resources. I’m sick of this shit.



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  1. October 18, 2011 at 5:42 am

    1. High levels of prozac treat OCD which the ritualized chocolate consumption appears to be.
    2. Low IQs.
    3. In America citizens owning guns is legal. Better to be not upset when communicating.
    4. Refer them to my private practice.
    5. So do fireman.
    6. You put a bunch of twenty-somethings together in one place, and that’s the natural outcome.
    7. See item 2.
    8. She makes WAY more than you. And mostly talks to deadbeats, so that’s her lens. If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    9. Inbreeding – this is why we have laws against it. However, it’s a good trait for Sumo wrestlers.
    10. Racism is ugly in any form. You will never get raped because you are a super-hero named “Valkyrie” and you kick ass. Plus it’s just not in your consciousness, so you won’t manifest it. Tell your coworkers, “Pshaw!”

    Nice rant! Xoxo =)

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