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Explaining Moving to Dup

            “Dup? Duppy! Where’d you go?” I call after I seal the latest box.

            She doesn’t respond.

            “Pup-a-Dup? Where are you?” I wander down the hallway where I find her huddled in Bear’s room, her tail tucked between her legs, ears back, and body quaking. “Oh, my God! What’s the matter, Dup?” I rush to her side and kneel beside her.

            “The…noise. I can’t stand the noise!” She glances behind me in the direction of the tape gun before she buries her face in my hands and whimpers.

            “Oh, babe, it’s just the tape gun. It can’t hurt you,” I sooth.

            “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. It sounds like car crashes and howling hounds and angry crows and breaking glass and crying babies all at once. It’s the worst noise in the world, Girl, the worst!”

            My knees begin to ache, so I plop down on my butt beside her and pull her quivering body halfway onto my lap. She nuzzles into my torso and begins to relax a little.

            “Dup,” I say, “this is just silly. You are fearless. You’ve saved me from drowning in the ocean, you’ve chased off trespassers, you blindly go after raccoons night after night, you growl at animals much bigger than yourself if you think they pose a threat.”

            “Terrible, terrible noise….” she mumbles and licks my hand.

            “Do you wanna smell it so you can see for yourself that it’s just a thing? It really, really can’t hurt you.”

            “No. It might bark or yell or caw or whatever it does at me. Why is it even in the house, anyway? Why are all these boxes all over the place?” There’s such sincere concern in her eyes when she looks up at me that I have a hard time not tearing up.

            “Because we’re moving, Dup,” I say as gently as I can.

            “We’re running and jumping and stuff? That’s what moving is, right?”

            “Sometimes the same word can have different meanings. This time, it doesn’t mean what you just said.”

            “Then what’s moving?”

            “You and me and Bear and Seph are all gonna live together in a different home. You’re going to have new places to run and play, we’ll have new neighbors, new walls, probably different-tasting water, too, come to think of it.”

            “Is that where the chickens went?”

            I stroke her forehead and sigh. “No, Dup, they’ve found a new home, too. We’re not gonna have the chickens anymore.”

            “But I love the chickens,” she whimpers.

            “I know, babe. They’re happy where they are, though.”

            “What about Beaux-Beaux? And Grandma? And Grandpa? And Man?” She sits up and gazes directly into my eyes.

            “Grandma’s gonna live up at Man’s house in Monte Rio with Man and Beaux, and Grandpa’s still gonna be in Pacifica. There’s definitely going to be some distance between us all, but we’ll still see them pretty often. I can promise you that.”

            “I don’t like moving,” she sighs and lies back down next to me.

            “Nobody does, Dup.” I rub her belly and she stretches out. We remain silent for several minutes, and Seph wanders in and plops down by my other side. I scratch both of them behind the ears, and Seph begins to purr. Dup smiles at her and attempts to lick Seph’s nose.

            “Stop that, Dog,” Seph says.

            “We’re moving, Seph,” Dup says, and I can see that the concept is beginning to sink in for her.

            “Girl, is this true? Is that why the boxes are back?” Seph has moved once before, so she already knows she’ll be fine.

            “Yeah, it is.”

            “Ok, whatever. Pet my tummy, would you?” She rolls onto her back and exposes the soft fur of her belly for me to pet.

            “You don’t seem to care much, Seph,” Dup says. “Aren’t you scared?”

            Seph pushes my hand away and sits up to face Dup. “Dog, there is no reason to be scared. The humans will take care of us. They’ll still feed us, I’m sure this one will still play those barbaric tugging games with you, we’ll still have a place to sleep. It’ll be fine.”

            This might be the first time in her life that Seph has ever sort of taken others into consideration. I’m stunned as she continues, “Dog, look at me.”

            Dup glances at her paws.

            “Look at me!”

            Dup is a creature of obedience, so she looks back up to the cat.

            “Everything’s going to be alright. Don’t you think I’d be in a panic if it wasn’t going to be perfectly fine?”

            “I guess so. But what about that thing?”

            “Oh, the tape gun?”

            Dup shudders. “Yes.”

            “Just bark at it like you do with everything else. Really, Dog, it’s going to be ok.”

            And again I’m reminded of how much I love my girls. ❤

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  1. September 30, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Awwww….this is a sweet story =). The end of an era is less than 24 hours away (*sniff-sniff*)….

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