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It’s our natural tendency to tell stories in the past-tense….

            Nuts to that.

             We’re nose-to-nose, and she’s positively glowering. Her usually big, brown eyes are narrowed in irritation as she stares me down.

            “Girl,” she growls.

            I can barely keep my eyes open. “Yeah?”

            “You pushed me off the bed.”

            It is now that I notice that she is, in fact, standing on the floor with her head resting on the edge of the bed and part of my pillow, and not on the other half of the mattress where I’d fallen asleep with her the night before.

            “Oh, sorry, Dup.” I yawn.

            “Sorry doesn’t cut it, Girl. I was dreaming about rabbits—rabbits!” Her ears are pressed flat against her head like those of an angry cat, and the hair along her spine is slightly raised.

            “Wanna come back up here?” I roll over to allow some extra room. She licks the inside of my ear, and I squeal in revulsion.

            “That’s what you get,” she shouts as she jumps onto the bed. Rather than curl up in her usual spot behind my knees, she asserts her annoyance (and possibly dominance?) by throwing herself across my torso. She stretches out as far as her four legs can reach, and her tongue lolls out of her mouth and oozes onto my neck like a giant pink slug.

            I wrinkle my nose at her in distaste and try to pretend it doesn’t bother me. She begins to snore loudly, though she’s actually still awake.


            “Yes, Girl?”

            “I think you’ve made your point.” I squirm under her weight.

            “I dunno, Girl. You don’t seem sorry enough yet.”

            “Well, I can’t help what I do in my sleep. And you know that I move around a lot during the night, so why are you even surprised?!” I try to shove her off me…to no avail.

            “Rabbits, Girl! Don’t you get it?”

            “No, I guess I don’t. Get off me!”

            She spreads herself even further across both my body and the bed and seems to cling onto the comforter with sheer willpower. “I will not be moved! I am a boulder! You cannot move me!”

            I can tell she’s trying not to laugh, mostly because I’m trying not to, either. The cat looks on from the window sill in disgust.

            “Well, Dup, if you insist on being insane, I guess I have no choice but to join you,” I say playfully. Before she can react, I wrap my arms around her and squeeze her.

            “Hey! What are you doing?” She flails her legs wildly, like a deer caught in a fence…or something like that…and snorts at me.

            “I thought you wanted to snuggle. Well, let’s snuggle,” I laugh and pull her closer.

            After much struggling, we’re nose-to-nose again.

            “Girl,” she says.

            “Yes, Dup?” I ask. Her eyes are narrowed in annoyance again.

            “Lemme go, please.”


            “So I can curl up behind your knees and go back to sleep.” She licks my cheek sweetly, and her eyes soften.

            I slowly release her and she arches her back into a stretch. She brushes my face with her tail as she circles once, twice, and three times before she plops down at the foot of the bed.

            “Sorry for pushing you off the bed, Dup. I didn’t mean to, you know.”

            “Shhhh! I’ma dream about some rabbits now.”

            And within minutes, she’s snoring again.

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