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An Observation

...taken from Google images. Seriously, though. This, this right here is evolution, and it's what we need to do.

I was driving to work this morning thinking about the draft. Well, not so much the draft, but just the general concept.


Bear received a letter from the government stating that if he doesn’t get his shit together and sign some papers saying he’s chill with being drafted at any given time, they’re going to fine him something like $250,000. For starters, where the hell is a forest animal supposed to get that kind of money? Secondly, I don’t remember being sent such nonsense, though maybe this is because I’m female, and the government only wants able-bodied men to fight wars. Thirdly, if they did want women, too, the joke’s on them, because this whole hip issue totally makes me a bonified cripple from time to time. I even have the cane to prove it.


But back to the draft and wars and stuff. One would think that in a society where I can video chat, watch tv shows, play video games, and check my blog stats all at once from my single phone would have evolved beyond war by now. Or, failing that, we’d have freaking robots to do it for us.


And there wouldn’t be a need for bazillion dollar fines for government-avoiding bears, and we wouldn’t have thousands of kids overseas right now as I type this dying for some asshole in a suit. Or, excuse me, some assholes in some suits.


Bear made an interesting observation the other day as we were driving home from work. We both work in jewelry, so we pay attention to precious metal prices, and for those who aren’t aware, they keep freaking going up. Anyway, he was watching people walk past us on the street with shopping bags, and he said, “Wow, isn’t if funny to think that we’re witnessing the end of the world right now?”


At the time, I told him to shaddup and stop being so cryptic, since my income is dependent upon people falling in love and buying gemstones and precious metals, but now I think he had a point. We’re inflated. The country’s inflated. The world’s inflated. And here we are, thinking it’s mighty fine as a society to send our children off to die in unfamiliar countries, while, if we weren’t so damn barbaric and focused on wealth and greed, we could be developing freaking robots to do it for us. And they could be doing that, too. You know, the unfamiliar countries we seem to enjoy invading and bombing. And then we’d just fight each other with robots in space, suddenly come to the realization that it’s idiotic to waste resources in order to send those robots into space, and there wouldn’t be any more war.


And no more government letters threatening innocent forest creatures with excessive fines for not signing a form or two.


This might be the end of society coming up pretty quickly here. Wouldn’t it be nice to one day say, “Hey, I’m an evolved human being. I’m the top of the food chain, and it’s because I finally realized that intelligence matters. I’ve evolved beyond killing my fellow man, and it feels good!”

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  1. September 8, 2011 at 7:48 am

    The form clearly states he can get out of it if he checks a box stating he is a female. That seems unfair to me. In Israel every able-bodied person has to serve 2 years in the army. Why should women be exempted? Why shouldn’t we sent the Bear to Canada if he gets called into action? If we had robots to fight for us, wny wouldn’t we teach them to be cooks, give massages, do laundry, scoop the cat box, drive to our work, DO our work, etc. while we laid on our couches, ate bon-bons and watched daytime TV? It seems like a better use of our resources.

    I once saw a TV commercial back in the 70s I think that portrayed war as being hand-to-hand combat fought one-on-one by the leaders of two countries in suits. If we did that, I’m pretty sure Arnold would have made a good choice for our President ’cause he’s bad ass in the Terminator movies.

  2. wade
    September 8, 2011 at 9:25 am

    They don’t want girls to fight because it’s against their morals… Killing boys is ok, but not girls. That does make sense to you, doesn’t it? Ok, me neither.

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