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…with typos and “F*ck You” by Cee Lo Green in the background.


Yesterday was a rather trying day. I’d have had a $10k day had a coworker not stolen a $3k diamond ring sale from me. Shenanigans! And that same coworker insisted all day long that I should have split a $4400 sale with her for reasons that are kinda beyond me. So now I have to argue my case with my manager today.


So the ring went to a group of Chinese gangsters. I kid you not: Chinese gangsters. They seriously looked like they’d stepped right out of a comic book. In reality, they’d come right out of Hong Kong, and while I didn’t actually see it, I’m fairly certain they had swords hidden under their coats…and stuff like that.


I’d just sold them a watch for $1800, and while I was finishing ringing them up, the coworker swooped in on the SAME GUY WHO’D BOUGHT THE WATCH and sold him a diamond for $2995…with a discount (alarms sounding: NOT ALLOWED! NOT OK! BAD, BAD, BAD!). And she didn’t give me any credit, because I HAD to go to lunch before I passed out from low blood sugar. It’s a medical condition, damn it!


And it was all bad. So, so bad. Heads butted, rules were broken (though not by me, because I don’t freaking break the rules), heads butted again, and eventually I ended up at a neighboring store because I just couldn’t be there anymore.


So upsetting. So annoying. Still upset. Still annoyed. Must fix things today.

And here we are on Saturday morning, feeling very much like this stupid bird.

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