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Valkyrie, pt. 2


            She awoke atop a bed of rabbit and deer skins. Everything hurt, and everything was stuck in stillness. Even her eyelids wouldn’t obey her.

            “Rest, daughter. You have endured much, but now it is time to rest,” a voice floated through her consciousness, and she couldn’t tell if someone had actually spoken, or if she’d imagined it.

            She struggled to open her eyes.

            “Kroppen din har dødd, så du må hvile, datter,” the voice insisted. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and rest there for a moment. Warmth poured from the hand into her flesh, and for an instant, the pain vanished.

            “Døde?” She barely managed.

            “Ja, Hjørdis, døde. Hvile nå.” The finality and sorrow the voice spoke with sent a pang through her heart, and she struggled again to at least open her eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she accepted defeat.

            “Do not weep, daughter. Your body may have died, but your spirit is very much alive. That is why you’re here. Just rest for now. More will be revealed to you as you regain your strength,” the voice soothed.

            Questions shot through her mind like the arrows of a thousand warriors. The last thing she remembered was the horns of war. She’d been gathering kindling for the cooking fire, and then the horns began to echo through the valley. And there was blood—so much blood….

            “Hvordan?” she coughed as she uttered the word.

            “You fought valiantly, and the gods have smiled upon you,” the voice replied. “Daughter, you now rest in Valhalla.”





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  1. August 23, 2011 at 8:15 am

    For those of you who are not fluent in Scandinavian languages, here’s a link to Google Translate: http://translate.google.com

    You put the phrase in and have it translate TO English, and it will detect the language. You can also right click a word and an option to translate will come. Or on the actual blog site, you can highlight a phrase, right click, and then the translate option will come up. The translator is Live Search Bing.

    The phrases are Norwegian. Here they are:

    Kroppen din har dødd, så du må hvile, datter
    Your body has died, so you need to rest, daughter

    Ja, Hjørdis, døde. Hvile nå
    Yes, Hjordis, died. Sleep now. (Google translate had this right. Bing said “Restart now” =)


    The name Hjordis belongs to Kari’s paternal grandmother. It is an ancient female viking name. Hjor means sword, and dis means goddess, so it seemed like the perfect name for a Valkyrie, and a lovely way to honor her farmor (father’s mother).

    Keep ’em coming, Kari!

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