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I practice in front of the mirror, so

I’ll get it just right. It sounds good on my

lips but strange to my heart. I never know

if I’m being sincere these days. I sigh

and try again. It looks easy in books,

plays and movies–sounds simple in love songs–

but it won’t come to me. You’ve got your hooks

under my skin, and I truly do long

for you like you do me, at least I think

I do…you do…we do…. But I’m not sure.

I gaze at the mirror over the sink

and sigh again. Are my intentions pure?

It should be easy, saying, “I love you,”

but I can’t say it, because it’s not true.

Shakespearean Sonnet


Categories: Poetry
  1. August 6, 2011 at 12:27 am

    I’m still puzzled as to how this can be a Shakespearian sonnet. I’m pretty sure it must be magic.

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