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Conversation with the Dog Over Breakfast


            “Girl?” she says through a mouthful of canned duck breast.

            I’m idly sliding the remainder of my pancake through the syrup on my plate. “Yeah, Dup?”

            “Where were you last week?” She trots across the kitchen and sits on the floor by my chair. I gently put my hand on her head.

            “We were in Maryland for Grandma’s wedding, remember? I told you about the plan while I was packing.”

            She licks my hand and sighs heavily. “I missed you, Girl.”

            “I missed you, too, Duppy. It’s just not the same when we’re apart, huh?”

            “I was scared.”

            “Lauren said you got into some trouble while she was taking care of you,” I tell her, though I’m not accusing her of anything.

            She sighs again. “Yeah, Girl. I got pretty sick.”

            “How come?”

            She can barely keep eye contact with me now. “I stole a bunch of my treats off the counter while Other Girl was sleeping, and they made me really sick.” She whimpers and casts her gaze down at her hairy toes.

            “It’s ok, Dup. No one’s mad at you, if that’s what you’re worried about. I know you were anxious, ‘cause I was too, and I’m not gonna blame you for stealing a few treats.”

            “I ate some plastic, too.”

            “I know. Lauren told me. That’s probably what made you so sick.” I scratch behind her ears and she begins to relax. She rests her head against my thigh, and this time when she sighs, it’s a sigh of relief.


            “Yeah, Dup?”

            “I love you. Don’t leave again, ok?”

            “I love you, too, Dup. I can’t promise I won’t leave again, but I can promise that I’ll always come back to you.” I lean down and kiss her nose.

            “Thanks, Girl. I’ll always come back to you, too.”

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