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If anyone ever insisted

to you that sonnets are scary, they were lying:


Ain’t Nothin’ to This Here English Thang

Poetry ain’t hard—no need for pretty

words. You just gotta use them iambs and

pentameters and don’t write it gritty.

Gotta use purty imagery—don’t stand

for podunk symbolism and rhyme schemes!

You just gotta pick a form and go with

it. You know, some grand and glorious theme.

That dude, Billy Shakespeare, he got the gist

of it, and so did that Ms. Angelou.

There ain’t not nothing to it—just sit

and study a spell. Yep, you’ll do it, too.

Alliteration’s nothing to throw fits

over. It’s like making a nice sammich:

bread, PB and strawberry enjambment.


Shakspearean Sonnet


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